How We Work

Volunteer Centre Lambeth is a project of LVAC. Volunteer Centre Lambeth is committed to providing a range of services to meet the needs of individuals who want to volunteer in Lambeth and organisations who want to work with volunteers in Lambeth. 

The brokerage service brings together people interested in volunteering with voluntary organisations needing volunteers. It does this by asking potential volunteers about their interests, skills and availability and then matching them up with volunteer roles that fit their profile. The service also provides information to local people about volunteering through factsheets, information guides and workshops. Face to face support can be accessed for people who need extra help to get involved in volunteering through our drop-in centre every Tuesday between 2pm- 4pm and every Thursday between 10am- 12.30pm. Regular newsletters keep registered volunteers up to date with new opportunities and volunteering news. For further information click here.

Most of Lambeth’s voluntary and community groups wouldn’t exist without the dedication of their volunteers. Involving volunteers in an organisation requires thought, planning and preparation. Volunteer Centre Lambeth has a Good Practice Development Manager to support organisations to be as effective as possible in your recruitment, retention and support of volunteers. Through the Good Practice Project organisations can access one-to-one support and advice on implementing good practice procedures and processes. They can also attend the Volunteer Involvers Network and receive regular E-Bulletins and newsletters with up-to-date information on volunteering.  For further information click here.

Volunteer Centre Lambeth welcomes you at the following times:

Monday:               10am - 4pm Enquiries Only
Tuesday:              10am - 4pm (drop-in for volunteers10am-12pm & 2pm-4pm)
Wednesday:          10am - 4pm Enquiries Only
Thursday:             10am - 4pm (drop-in for volunteers 10am- 12.0pm & 2pm-4pm)
Friday:                  Pre-booked appointments only

We are also offering a programme of training for both volunteers registered with the volunteer centre and also volunteer managers.


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Volunteer Centre Lambeth
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: 0207 326 5480

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