Good Practice Charter and Health Check

London's Volunteer Management Charter

This Charter has been developed by in close partnership with London’s 32 Volunteer Centres, including Volunteer Centre Lambeth, through the central London sub-region, and Greater London Volunteering (GLV). It is a clear statement of the key volunteer management areas that contribute to excellent volunteering experiences.

Equality and Diversity

Volunteering is open to all; volunteers are treated with fairness.


Travel, and any other agreed, out of pocket expenses are reimbursed.


Volunteers are introduced to the work and ethos of the organisation.

Organisational Involvement

Volunteers have influence and an informed voice on organisational issues.

Personal Development

Identified needs are met by relevant training and development opportunities.

Recruitment process

Recruitment procedures are fair, efficient and consistent.

Resolving difficulties

Volunteers are aware of how to raise a concern, and how it will be handled.

Reward and Recognition

The organisation expresses its appreciation of the volunteers’ contribution.

Safe Volunteering Environment

The physical and emotional risks of volunteering are identified, minimised, and covered by adequate insurance.


A named supervisor ensures ongoing support appropriate to need.

Volunteer Centre Lambeth is asking all organisations registering to sign up to the charter to ensure they are working towards good practice in all these areas. We can offer organisations help and support in ensuring that they are addressing these 10 key areas of volunteer management. Please contact the Good Practice Project on 0207 326 5488 or email

for more information.

Health Check

An organisation completing the health check

The Good Practice Officer can complete a health check with your organisation as a template to help you identify areas for improvement, suggest new ideas and help you with structure and direction. To enable us to support you in working towards good practice we have the perfect tool which is a series of questions that organisations answer to see if there's any further support Volunteer Centre Lambeth can offer.

It is important to note the Health Check aims to identify common practice examples that demonstrate the sort of things you will have in place. The examples are not necessarily prescriptive, but aim to give you a quick idea of where your organisation is.  Some organisations may have very different practices which still fulfil the Charter so it is very helpful to sit down with the Good Practice Officer and gain an independent insight into your service.

The health check:

  • Follows the 10 charter points as listed above
  • Isn't a quality mark
  • Isn't a test you pass or fail
  • Can validate what you already do

If you would like to complete a health check contact the Good Practice Project  on 0207 326 5488 or email



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