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Volunteer Involvers' Network Debate May 2011

Volunteer Centre Lambeth exists to increase the quantity and improve the quality of volunteering throughout the borough of Lambeth. We aim to make it easy for individuals in Lambeth to volunteer and for groups, organisations and businesses in the Borough to involve volunteers.

Here at Volunteer Centre Lambeth we are always looking for new ways that we can work with the local community, to further benefit the volunteer movement for Lambeth. Working with over 300 local community and voluntary groups in Lambeth to deliver the six core functions of a nationally accredited Volunteer Centre, all work we undertake must conform to at least one of the following areas:

  • Brokerage: We register thousands of prospective volunteers a year, guiding and signposting them towards volunteering opportunities that meet their needs, skills and aspirations that are offered through us from our members.
  • Good Practice Development: We operate a Good Practice Project, which visits, answers questions and regularly updates all VC Lambeth member organisations, to ensure best practice is shared, encouraged and easy to access for all organisations working in Lambeth.
  • Developing Opportunities: VC Lambeth delivered the ‘Elevate’ project from 2009-11, successfully working with long-term unemployed people in Lambeth, who delivered almost 5,000 hours of volunteering. We are committed to supporting every person who wishes to volunteer, regardless of any barriers they may face. Volunteering is for all.
  • Marketing opportunities: We advertise hundreds of local, currently available volunteering opportunities through our shopfront on Brixton Station Road, at a variety of outreach events and also on the internet through, the National Volunteering Database.
  • Policy Response and Campaigning: It is the Volunteer Centre’s remit to campaign proactively for a more volunteer-literate and volunteer-friendly climate. We are dedicated to the collection and sharing of knowledge in the sector, through the Good Practice Project, and to the wider public through outreach and walk-in services.
  • Strategic Development of Volunteering: The Volunteer Centre will be happy to use its local expertise and knowledge on behalf of Lambeth’s diverse voluntary and community sector to feed into local and regional strategic development. We will always aim to enhance the effectiveness of the voluntary and community sector and enrich the quality of life of Lambeth’s residents and visitors.

If you have a new project or initiative you would like us to consider or advise on, please do not hesitate to contact us. The Centre Manager can be contacted on 0207 326 5480 or



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