Frequently Asked Questions

Please find a selection of commonly asked questions relating to Volunteering.

What sorts of opportunities are available?

There are countless opportunities to choose from. Activities can vary from advice work to office work to teaching sport. You could work with young people, the elderly, ex-offenders or people with disabilities. Just list your interests on the form and we will try to find you a suitable role.

I don’t have much time, can I still volunteer?

Yes. Time commitments vary depending on the role. Some roles may ask you to commit to a few hours a week or month, others a day or two. You can state on the form your availability and we find you opportunities that fit in with you.

Will volunteering lead to paid work?

Volunteering is a great way to gain skills and experience for future job applications and looks great on your CV. Many people have found employment as a result of their volunteering, however, there is no guarantee that a volunteer role will lead to paid work.

Will I be out of pocket?

Most organisations will repay reasonable expenses such as travel costs you incur from your volunteer work. If you receive benefits you can volunteer for as many hours as you like without any impact on your allowance so long as you still meet the terms for receiving the benefit. If you would like more detailed information before applying, please call us.

Who can volunteer?

Everyone can volunteer. Your circumstances may affect the type of volunteering you can do but the variety of different roles means there is something available for people from all different backgrounds. If you need additional support to help you apply for volunteer work, talk to one of our advisors.

Do I have to have qualifications or experience?

You don’t necessarily need specific experience or qualifications to volunteer. Some roles require certain experience and skills but many require none, just enthusiasm, reliability and a willingness to learn. Most organisations provide training and ongoing support for their volunteers so you can be confident that you are doing well.

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