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Good Practice Project

Elevate Project

The Good Practice Project is a Big Lottery Funded project which exists to support VIO's across Lambeth with Good Practice in Volunteer Management. 

We currently have over 500 organisations registered with us and work with them in a number of ways, such as;

  • Providing 1:1 Good Practice appointments and support
  • Helping groups to develop voluntary opportunities within their organisation
  • Coordinating and hosting network meetings for organisations to come along, share information and have a platform to showcase the good work going on across Lambeth.
  • VC provides training to organisations to assist them in maintaining good practice and quality standards throughout their volunteer programmes
  • The VC also carries out ‘Health Checks’ on groups, this is a toolkit based on the Pan London Good Practice Charter
  • Help organisations to recruit volunteers by promoting their opportunities through our brokerage service




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Engage Lambeth


Engage Lambeth is Volunteer Centre Lambeths newest project which brings together businesses, employers and community organisations across the borough to share time and skills through volunteering. We design projects which benefit community and statutory  organisations in Lambeth and will inspire, motivate and generate learning for volunteers. 

To find out more about Engage, visit the website www.engagelambeth.org.uk


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